Golden Boy Fly Wins at Sowbug Roundup Tying Contest


We wanted to congratulate one of our customers, David Boyer, for winning the prestigious Sowbug Roundup Tying Contest under the Wet Fly Category. Dave is a fantastic tier and has a great technique for weaving. He used our Brown Dun JV hen skin for this beautiful Golden Boy fly. (Note: The Brown Dun in Mature Hen skin will work just as well since we sell out of the color in JV very quickly.)

Here is the pattern:

Hook: TMC 200R – #20-#12 or similar (Size 16 in photos).
Bead: Appropriate size for hook, black or gold (Black 3/32 used on #16 hook)
Thread: Dark Gold – Abdomen, Black – Thorax 14/0 or 8/0
Tail: Golden Pheasant Tail Fibers or Hen Hackle fibers
Underbody: Dark Gold Thread
Wire Body: Top Side: BR Copper Brown,
Hook Side: BR Gold (go down to small wire for smaller hooks and medium wire for larger hooks as desired.)
Hackle: JV Hen – Dark Dun with Brown Tips, badger or brown will also work.
Thread Head: Black 14/0 or 8/0


De-barb if desired. Place bead on hook and hook in vice. Start gold thread about 1/3 way back from eye and wrap to just above barb. Use about 3-4 Golden Pheasant tail fibers for tail with length about ½ hook shank length. Tie in Copper Brown wire on far side of hook with tag end starting at 1/3 mark (same location as gold thread start) and wrap to tail tie in point. Tie in Gold wire on near side of hook with same tie in and end point as Copper Brown wire. Flatten thread (counter-clockwise spin of bobbin) and using tight wraps take thread up to tag ends of wire creating a smooth underbody and covering the wire. Do two half-hitches or whip finish and cut off thread. Do shuttle weave of the two wire colors with Copper brown on top of hook. Take one weave past the tag ends of wire and stop. Cut wire such that bead will slip over last wire weave and “lock” weave on hook. You should have about 1/4 of the hook shank now exposed in front of the bead. Tie on black thread and prepare base to hook eye. Tie in hen hackle by butt end with barbs that extend from between the hook end and end of the tail fibers. Take four to five hackle wraps, tie off and make sure hackle sweeps back. Use thread to build up head, whip finish and use favorite adhesive on thread head.

Fish as you would with any wet fly. With the wire and bead, fly will sink faster and is also good in faster flowing waters.



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