Pictures of Genetic Roosters

Here is a barred ginger dun genetic rooster. Lots of very fine feathers near his comb.

Genetic Rooster Barred Ginger Dun

Genetic Rooster Barred Ginger Dun

This is a young furnace genetic cockerel. He is showing great cape and saddle.

Genetic Furnace Cockerel

Young Genetic Furnace Cockerel

Product Endorsed by World-class Fly Tyer

Popular authors and recent recipients of the Fly Tyer Lifetime Achievement Award, Al and Gretchen Beatty, enjoy using Clearwater Hackle’s products. Here’s what they said:

“All of the Clearwater hackle is a great value; the natural colors are awesome. We especially like the untrimmed pelts offered by Clearwater. Those feathers that many other hackle companies trim from the pelt are there waiting to tie extra flies at no extra cost to you. We like all of Clearwater’s feathers but the Juvenile Hen fills a need no other company on the market can. Use Clearwater Hackle, you won’t be disappointed! Tight Lines.”

Gretchen & Al  Beatty